Ra value Grit Value surface of material

Most surface finish requirements are noted in Ra, Ra is calculated as the Roughness Average of a surfaces measured microscopic peaks and valleys.

Measuring of Average Roughness

RMS is calculated as the Root Mean Square of a surfaces measured microscopic peaks and valleys.

Material surface is directly related with Ra Value, if the Ra value is more it means the surface is rough if the Ra Value is less means the surface is smooth.

Mirror Finishes: When there is 0.1 Micron Ra value means the material is mirror finish. Mirror finish material has many advantages especially in cleaning.

Electro polishing
Electro polishing is a process where electric current and chemicals are applied to remove surface material; it is the most effective method of removing burr, folds, inclusion and other abnormalities.

There many benefits of Electro polishing as follows:

  • Reduce surface friction
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Superior surfaces for cleaning and sterilization.
  • Resultant passivated surfaces enhance corrosion resistance.
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